Author: Ed Peveler

BotP on the small screen – Countryfile, 24th January

(An account from the Project Manager, Dr Wendy Morrison, giving a “behind the scenes” account of last Sunday’s Countryfile segment on the project. If you live in the UK and have a TV licence you can watch the piece via BBC iPlayer here. Also don’t miss Matt’s conversation with Stuart King, discussing the lives of […]

Chilforts in conference, Twitter style

Some of you may have seen that on Friday last week Wendy (Wendy Morrison, Beacons of the Past Project Manager) and I (Ed Peveler, Lanscape Heritage Officer) took part in a conference talking about the project. However, it wasn’t your usual common-or-garden style academic conference… the conference was the “Public Archaeology Twitter Conference,” as the […]

Citizen Science and LiDAR (Part 2): a global affair!

In last week’s post I set out the premise behind our choice to use Citizen Science for exploring our LiDAR survey, and started to look at some of the statistics we have generated from the portal with regard to patterns of use. We’ve had quite an exciting week here at Hillfort Towers, with a nice […]

Citizen Science and LiDAR: apparently mostly on Wednesdays….

In this post I want to take a bit of a look at the way we have gone about making our Chilterns AONB LiDAR survey available for everyone to look at, and the project open for everyone to participate. I’ll talk about how we went about designing and building the portal for making our data […]

Archaeology within Memory

Whilst most of Wendy’s and my time is spent considering prehistory, i.e. archaeology from before the Roman invasion, the LiDAR data is showing us monuments and sites from far more recent periods, and even earthworks created within living memory. I think it’s a really interesting question as to when “archaeology” stops and when the “modern” […]

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