Year: 2021

Getting your bearings…LiDAR data, mapping and orienteering

(This blog post features a less archaeological use of the LiDAR data collected by the Beacons of the Past project…orienteering. Over the course of the last few years, the 0.25m resolution terrain modelling possible through LiDAR has been put to good use by the Thames Valley Orienteering Club (TVOC) to produce high-resolution base mapping for use in their […]

BotP on the small screen – Countryfile, 24th January

(An account from the Project Manager, Dr Wendy Morrison, giving a “behind the scenes” account of last Sunday’s Countryfile segment on the project. If you live in the UK and have a TV licence you can watch the piece via BBC iPlayer here. Also don’t miss Matt’s conversation with Stuart King, discussing the lives of […]

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