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[Sticky] Countryfile and Registration Difficulty

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Firstly, hello to all the new Citizen Scientists here after Wendy's piece on last weekend's Countryfile! You are very welcome, and we hope you stick around to have some fun searching through the LiDAR, doing the Tutorials, and joining in with our online Mapathons and other workshops (see elsewhere on this forum and website).

I apologise that lots of you faced difficulties when registering: it turns our "mail server" for the website, which sends out the automated emails, had a daily limit, and with the rush of interest following Countryfile, our server reached that limit very quickly and triggered an automatic 24 hour block. This meant that people registering after that bloack came in didn't get sent the link to click to set a password and finish registering. 

The mail server seems to be back up and running normally now, so hopefully there will be no more issues for people. If you are still missing that password setting link, either click the "Forgot password" button on the sign in page, or drop me an email at 

If I have manually set you a temporary password, you should now be able to change this - logout by hovering over your username in the top right of the screen and clicking "Log out." Then click on "Forgot my password" and you should then be emailed a link for setting your own password. 

Thanks everyone for your patience, and we hope you enjoy investigating the LiDAR data. 

Posted : 27/01/2021 2:51 pm
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